Wednesday, 1 March 2017

The most popular door varieties for your shower and bathrooms

Bathrooms these days do not only serve the primary function of bathing and relieving yourself but are private spaces where a person feels most at ease. From the interior and decoration point of view, they have become as important as your living room or bedroom in today’s scenario. This is why it is very important to pay close attention during their construction and decoration. Shower doors are a superb idea and there are many varieties available within this category.

If you are looking for the perfect shower door, the following are the options:
  • Frameless shower doors - This is the most popular door variety for your bathroom and shower area. These doors do not have frames and are made of glass as the primary material. These look very stylish and can make any bathroom space come alive.  Basically, frameless shower doors are seamless and this is what makes them so popular. Within these categories, the options you get include inline shower door, 90 degree corner shower and neo angle shower etc.
  • Sliding doors - Sliding doors are sure one of the most convenient shower door options that you will get. Not only do they make the bathroom look larger but also very functional and contemporary. They slide in and out and hence offer a lot of walk in space. Some options within this category include header less doors and hydro slide doors etc.
  • Bi fold doors - Bi fold shower doors is a space saving option which offers ample walk in space. They fold from both ends and hence are apt for those bathrooms that have little free space in them. These doors are of various varieties and some of them are hydro slide doors and frameless bi fold doors.
  • Bath screens - You can also opt for bath screens if you are looking for a bathroom or shower door option. Bath screens are basically those screens that can simple be attached to bath cubicles or shower cubicles. Screens are available in many materials including clear glass and frosted glass etc. you can opt for both single bath screens and dual bath screens.
So now that you know the various options available in glass shower doors, you can easily make your choice and buy the one that seems the most suitable for your bathroom and to your preference. There are many glass designers and glass door shops that you can refer to in order to purchase the best door for yourself.  If you are looking for one in Brooklyn or Manhattan, NYC, you can log on to Shower Doors NYC and get the largest variety at the most reasonable prices.


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